I have found great benefit from seeing Mike Webb for physiotherapy. He is thorough, knowledgeable and his training in psychology and other related therapies gives his work an extra dimension.   Chris Walsh, Counsellor 

Mike Webb uses a truly person centered holistic approach in his practice. He was the first practitioner to treat me as a whole person and not just an injury or a medical condition. Mike has taught me how to look after my well-being as well as how to manage my pain.                           Sarah Wigley, Learning & Development Advisor

I have used Mike’s sports physio services on several occasions to treat a number of sports related injuries and issues. In successfully treating these Mike has taken a pragmatic and holistic approach to treatment and rehabilitation. He obviously has a considerable depth of knowledge of his subject and has given me some very sound advice and information relating to stretching and injury prevention generally. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.   Andy Myers, Manager HRB Society

I am grateful to Mike for putting me back together after months of severe back pain. I have gladly recommend his services to other colleagues’ and friends. They have found him reassuring and knowledgeable. I have no qualms in recommending Mikes services to others.                           Simon Houseman, Independent Financial Adviser

I just wanted to write to say how pleased I am with results of the physiotherapy treatment received by you following my operation for Achilles tendon repair. The improvement in strength, mobility and confidence in such a short time was nothing short of miraculous and enable David and I to fully enjoy our holiday. I have continued with the exercises (although probably not as often as I should) and am now back at the gym and able to enjoy swimming, walking and dancing again.  Mrs Elaine Atkins – Administration

I was experiencing a great deal of pain in my neck, left shoulder and my left arm and wrist.  I was also getting a very painful tingling sensation in the thumb, index finger and middle finger of my left hand.  I was waking everyday with pain which would ease when I got out of bed.  But the pain in my left shoulder was almost unbearable when driving and when sitting at my computer.  Even when walking the pain in my arm and shoulder would increase.  If I looked up I would have pain shooting across from my neck to my shoulder and down my arm. I have been attending classes for pilates and aqua aerobics for the last 10 months but this did not relieve the pain.  At one pilates class I was in so much pain I could not carry on.  I was given Mike’s telephone number by someone who thought that he might be able to help me. I telephoned Mike and went to see him a few days later.  He immediately put me at ease and spent a long time talking to me and getting the full picture of my pain and how long I had been suffering such symptoms.  Mike explained what was wrong and what he was going to do in the way of treatment.  I felt confident that I could trust Mike completely and that he would be able to help me. After just one session with Mike my pain had subsided to a much more manageable level and I had more movement in my neck.  I was given some stretching exercises to do and advised as to how often I should do them.  After just four visits to Mike I felt much better.  The range of movement I had in my neck had vastly increased and I was actually pain free most of the time.  Mike gave me some exercises to carry on with and told to call him if any of my symptoms returned. I am very grateful to Mike; his treatment has made a big difference to my life.  Kathryn Carr – Central Post Office Manager

On a Wednesday afternoon in June 2014 I got serve cramp in my right leg and knee, and since then I had not been able to move. I was meant to be going on holiday on Monday so I urgently needed some assistance as I could not put any pressure on my leg at all. I called the paramedics out but they said nothing would be done and I would just lie in a bed in hospital and they suggested that I call out my G.P. This I did but the doctor said she had not seen this condition before and the next step would be to get a physiotherapist out to have a look. This I tried to do but the 1st Response Physiotherapist did not turn up. I was stuck in my bedroom and unable to move. I contacted Mike Webb Burbage Physiotherapy Service who was at my house within the hour and worked tirelessly for over an hour and my leg which gradually began to improve and settles as he said over the week end with the aid of crutches he provided. Mike was on hand if I required more assistance with his advice and with home exercises he gave me I gradually improved. By Monday I had come off my crutches and I was able to go on holiday. I found Mike to be extremely professional and provided support an excellent service, treatment and diagnosis at a very difficult time. I would highly recommend Mike. Martyn Naffine Home VisitCorporate Sales Manager BMW at Sytner Leicester.

I had the misfortune of dislocating & badly fracturing all the bones in my ankle in August 2015 due to a mountain bike accident.
Following surgery and then later the removal of my cast, I needed physiotherapy which was easy to get to and was lucky enough be recommended Mike Webb.
Mike was excellent from the word go. He requested all my hospital notes, copies of x-rays to assist him in how best to handle my injury. Talked me through each different treatment, and explained why it was necessary – along with inflicting necessary pain on occasions!
He explained how each exercise would help, set me session exercises as homework to enhance and speed up my progress and made sure I reported back to him with movement improvements.
During my 8 week check by the consultant at the LRI, I was told it was unlikely that I would regain full movement in my ankle and that my already booked skiing holiday in February was most likely not an achievable event for the forthcoming year.
As an active person, this was devastating news. Mike refused to let me accept this news, getting me to chase the consultant as to why this was the case, as he could see no metalwork limitations within my rebuilt ankle. He pointed out with both our continued hard work this was not an unrealistic goal to aim for.
At my last appointment with my consultant, both he and the nurse present nearly fell off their chairs when I presented 80% movement all round in December last year.
In sessions following Mike and I continued to work on improving the movement, and not only did I get to go skiing in February, I skied all day every day which was a fantastic achievement.  I am also back riding a road bike to build my confidence and fitness up.
I looked forward to my weekly sessions with Mike, even if it was painful! Not only did he just treat my ankle, but my mental wellbeing & he was a positive force during a very difficult time.
I would not hesitate in recommending Mike.   Karen Garlick – Payroll Manager